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  1. Our Kew Pots are fabulous for re-styling your wedding flowers after the big day.  Often the flowers are gifted at the end of the evening or the day after to the guests of the wedding too, so it's good to have some ideas of what to do with them. Once the flowers look a little tired, give them a re-fresh by cutting the stems back by around half to one inch so that they can drink up plenty of water and place them in a fresh pot with fresh water.  Roses can be refreshed by filling your sink with hot water and cutting the stems underneath the water and leaving the stems in the hot water for an hour or so.  This will enable the stems to drink more water which will reach the flower heads and keep them looking straight at the neck and fresh for a little while longer!  The flowers in the image below came from a beautiful country wedding and were in an oasis arrangment, however after a few days they looked a little tired and the best flowers were taken out of the oasis, refreshed as explained above and re-arranged in the kew pot as below.